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The implication is that women should Sluys have sex with one man, and draz even that, has to be regulated by society. Vrax those reasons, I deeply dislike this word, as well as "slut", which in my mind has the same implications. I agree with Stephanie Vardavasthat there is a gender neutral usage for that word that means a person who would do anything for money. Although it's derived from the same Old English root that gave us "charity," as I understand it, so it's probably not all bad. Here's how this feminist approaches the various uses of the word "whore": Factual term for "sex worker" My word choice would be "prostitute".

Can you see a respected journalist talking about a "whoring ring"? If thinking of the word pejoratively — I would rather describe actions than call someone a name. The label alone is imprecise and unclear; one would still need to provide at least some context. Pejorative term — literal promiscuity Would I use the term to put someone down because of presumed licentiousness? Not my place to judge, Contemptuousness towards others serves little beyond elevating oneself.

Even if it were my own lover being promiscuous, I wouldn't bother calling them that. If they're a "whore", what am I? Sumner, peering back at him through a thickening haze of intoxication, nods. Black is young and eager but he is also, Sumner believes, more than a little arrogant. He is never openly rude or disdainful, but one senses sometimes a self-belief which is out of scale with his position.

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Or join another practice for a time? You must know people who could help you. The job of surgeon on a whaling vessel is uncomfortable, dreary, and badly paid. It is usually taken by medical students in need of funds, Slkts a man of your age and experience. Did you ever think of that? He is determined to stay quiet, to say nothing that might suggest the truth of his estate. I intend to keep a diary, make sketches, read. He was lucky to get another ship after.

If he fails this time, that will be the end of him. But I have a plan. He lowers himself into a chair beside Black and lets out a long and noisome fart. The other two men look at him. He winks, then waves to the barmaid for another drink.